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Szia [Jun. 17th, 2006|03:27 am]
[Where am I? |Room]
[State of mind |highhigh]
[The sound's around me |Diary of Dreams - Bird Without Wings]

Cleaned room some. I'm getting a stripper pole installed in room. I'm out.
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Oh "boy" [Jun. 15th, 2006|06:08 pm]
[Where am I? |Ambers]
[State of mind |highhigh]
[The sound's around me |nothing]

I'm over at Amber's getting out high on. She going to Miami for a wedding tomorrow, but she will return to me Sunday.
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Delay [Jun. 14th, 2006|12:26 pm]
[Where am I? |Florida]
[State of mind |highhigh]
[The sound's around me |The news]

I was suppose to get back into Tampa on the 12th but after getting dropped off at the Virgina Beach Airport and sitting around for 6 hours they tell me it cancelled because of some stupid thunderstorm with North Carolina (where I was to chage plane to Tampa) so i had to call my sister go back to her house sleep like 1 hour only to go back at like 04:00 the 13th,  It sucked then i arrived finally in Tampa around 10:17 then take the shuttle home then to hurry to make my doctor appointment at 12:30. It sucked they should have given me refund. :-p

But I am back here now. The Nine Inch Nails concet was GREAT. Trent Reznor has shaved his head, which must be new because when i went to the Tampa show in October he had longer hair. He also gave a little "trivia" (his words) The first time he seen the ocean was when he was 19 in Virgina Beach. At least that's what he said. I try and go to the Chicago show July 1st, have to wait and see if I can work it out to go. Not much else to say. I'm out.
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Virgina [Jun. 10th, 2006|04:13 pm]
[Where am I? |Virgina Beach]
[State of mind |boredbored]
[The sound's around me |Arabic T.V. Channels]

I'm in Virgina I just set up my sisters DSL in her new place. Nine Inch Nails tomorrow. I go back the 12th. So if you out there Amber - you me and that boy.

I think i change my name to Tempest. yes i do. 

I'm out.
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I'm out [Jun. 3rd, 2006|05:50 pm]
[Where am I? |Not here]
[State of mind |highhigh]
[The sound's around me |noise]

Szia, 10 min to dress. Szia
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Test [Jun. 3rd, 2006|05:31 pm]
[Where am I? |Same place I was the last time I posted]
[State of mind |complacentcomplacent]
[The sound's around me |News]

Somebody  fuck  me  !  ;)
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Must put clothes on! [Jun. 3rd, 2006|05:28 pm]
[Where am I? |Here]
[State of mind |indifferentindifferent]
[The sound's around me |The news]

Ahhhh, I'm getting picked up in half hour must -get-dressed!  lol I am still convinced nobody reads this shit lol. So my new hobby will be talking to myself.
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25 thousand dollar grilled cheese sandwich? [Jun. 3rd, 2006|04:43 pm]
[Where am I? |House]
[State of mind |confusedconfused]
[The sound's around me |Covenant - Fuzzy Logic]

Crazy Christians, a south Florida old lady just had a tattoo of a grilled cheese sandwich which she thinks had a imagine of the virgin mary on it tattooed on her chest. She saved it in a plastic container with cotton balls then sold it on Ebay 10 years later for $25 thousand dollars.  Who the hell would buy a 10 year old grilled cheese sandwich for 25 grand? 
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I'm leaving! [Jun. 3rd, 2006|04:35 pm]
[Where am I? |In a chair]
[State of mind |okayokay]
[The sound's around me |VNV Nation - Tempest]

Well it's Saturday, going to hang out with Amber. Waiting for her to get off of work. I'm leaving for Virgina Beach Monday morning, actually like 01:55 the shuttle to the airport will arive and my plane leaves at 4 something in the morning,  Will be there until the 12th of June. I get to see Nine Inch Nails again. Very happy about that.  I still need to get dressed, I keep putting that off, stupid laws saying you must wear clothes, cant i just wear a t-shirt and my new -NewRock boots. Fuck it. Oh well.
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(no subject) [May. 30th, 2006|01:04 pm]
[State of mind |tiredtired]
[The sound's around me |Wumpscut - Hang Him Higher]

Got back from shrink to get my Suboxone and Xanax. Had 2 hours sleep. I'm tired but I can't sleep.
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